Sitara Yaseen, a Pakistani YouTube Blogger Changing the Game for Women in Media_

She was happily married at a very young age. Everything was fine, but suddenly faced a disaster that completely changed her life.

Her life is more emphatically full of anticipation and criticism than yours! Her husband turned out to be bigamous.

He was so disrespectful to his first wife Sitara when he manages to bring all his 3 children to witness his 2nd marriage.

Yaseen is always seen self-managing her ill-fated life. With daring, she expressed herself on the web, although in Muslim countries women’s empowerment is always a big issue.

She decided to launch her channel showing her makeup skills, which could barely need much to invest.

It was a tough start to generate hardly 300–400 viewers. Still, the destination was far to earn healthy revenue and making things better.