6 controversies were sparked by the movie Adipurush, a film with a budget of 500 crores.

1.On the day that Adipurush was released, a PIL was submitted to the Delhi High Court asking for the removal of several "objectionable scenes."

2.Some people thought certain phrases to be quite offensive, such as Lord Hanuman's remarks in the movie., ‘Tel tere baap ka, aag bhi tere baap ki aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki’.

3.People did not particularly enjoy the movie's VFX. 

4. Some claim that this film manipulates key elements and basics of the Ramayana.

5.The film's director was criticized for kissing the lead actress in the Tirupati temple.

6. Adipurush also has an unclear future in Nepal as a result of Kathmandu Mayor's objection to a sentence in the movie where Lord Sita is referred to as the "daughter of India."