Challenges faced by Nidhi Nagori, a social media influencer

She had trouble understanding accents everywhere she visited. Even placing a restaurant order was difficult for her!

She cried during her first job interview in the US. Once more, it was a failure, but this time it was worse than losing my father.

She researched interviews in the USA and discovered they are less formal and focus more on informal talks to get to know the candidate.

Since she was a CA, she somehow managed to get a job with a Big 5 firm and spent the full 1.5 years working in public accounting.

During this time, she learned how to dress professionally, how to tolerate people from other cultures.

She focused on her personality and look by observing how other women dress, learning how to drive and walk in heel.

She was fortunate to get a work permit in the USA, but her lack of background made her an outsider in this country.